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Gait Ways LLC

Traveling Gaited Horse Training

Creating Pathways Farms

Sussex, WI

Our Mission

Creating Pathways Farm provides experiential services in partnership with horses to facilitate growth and learning. Utilizing the unique strength, beauty and nature of the horse, we mentor, empower and strengthen life skills for individuals, families, groups and organizations through our equine assisted activities. In doing so, we promote vibrant, adaptive communities.

Our Setting

Creating Pathways Farms is a peaceful property: many visitors have commented on how it feels as if they are far away, similar to an “up north” setting, yet they are only moments away from urban and suburban communities. CPF is 20 acres of serene natural space that has been described by some as what southeastern Wisconsin looked like 100 years ago.

There are stands of mature trees sheltering a trail, a spring fed pond full of bullfrogs, a lookout over a swirling stream.

And of course, the magnificent horses that are our partners at CPF. The horses living here are an integral part of the farm and our mission. They offer a majestic, powerful and beautiful presence and are a highlight for visitors to interact with and observe.

Our Herd

— both humans and horses — stands ready to assist you in creating the pathway to your own place of balance and peace. The work of the farm is based in offering a peaceful, safe setting for those who come here for our services. Those services are offered by our highly trained and experienced staff and include Equine Assisted Growth and Learning and Equine Assisted Psychotherapy, camps for children from the inner city, educational opportunities for those at risk, team building and skill development.

Our Name

really tells you about our mission. We offer you an environment and the experiences that foster and promote your own unique journey to well-being. Our work is tailored to the specific needs of the individuals, families or groups that seek our services, based on our collaboration with you. In addition to equine assisted growth, learning and therapy, CPF also offers classes and trainings in horse-human relationships and horsemanship development, corporate retreats, team building and skill development. The peaceful nature setting at CPF also is particularly well-suited to opportunities for personal reflection and spiritual growth. CPF was thrilled to offer a special camp for children from the city held during the summer of 2017. Our fun camp activities included Native American day, horse painting, nature hikes, gardening and more. And we will have two groups of children back during the summer 2018!

A Riding School

is in the plans as well, possibly starting in summer 2018.

Please send me an email for more information.

CPF is a developing project, stay tuned for more.